Tuesday, August 17, 2010


(white as in the sign of peace!!!)

so now I have something to say!!!
I have just been going through my bits and pieces here on the blog
and have found a bunch of comments that I hadn't seen....
for some reason they don't load when written
and if I don't go back and look
I don't see them...
oh you know what I mean!!!

Anyway, I haven't been rude and ignoring the questions
I hate it when people do that!!!

I use regular acrylic yarns the kind you find in the craft stores
nothing exotic or expensive for me!!!
and I use hooks that range from a B to a G
and if I do something with a fine thread then I get out the
steel hooks and I have used as small as a 12
I made the African Flower Earrings with that one and almost went blind!!!

it seems your comments  don't register the most
je suis désolé !!

I will be checking in on the older posts and trying to make sure I answer any questions
or whatever!!!
I am sorry if anyone was miffed
and thought me rude...

I can be

but not on purpose!!!
and NEVER to you.....


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Posy Linda said...

Those roses are so happy looking in that little blue jug! Sweet.