Tuesday, August 10, 2010


the flowers to take pictures of
so I shoved the camera in this poor things face and clicked away

there is nothing left outside to shoot

the drought the heat and the humidity have taken their toll and it's sad
The only flower left is the hydranga and that is being cut and brought inside
because, quite frankly,
I am tired of seeing the poor thing droop and bend it's little head in defeat.
Over the week end I noticed at some point that it felt like fall
It was much cooler and less humid and that "sense of change"
seemed present.
I don't know what it is, the light, the shadows coming back at the end of the day
but there is something that happens
and it is
more than seen or heard!!!

I sorted out the cotton yarn and discovered all the colours of fall

sitting right there infront of me.....
I found a little kitchen towel in Wally World the other day
with sunflowers on it

I made a foam flower in my coffee.......
who needs barristas at
when you can do it yourself?

Two of my flickrfriends had posted their succulents
and when I walked in the grocery store
this is what I saw  right infront of me
echeveria, in a little turquoise pot
Sonja, in south America,
 grows succulents by the hundreds if not thousands
all kinds
beautiful plants that have structure and texture
and unusual things like
windows in them.
I used to have a little collection
but I don't anymore.
I have let a lot of things I used to have
guess it comes with age and knowing less is more!

in France,
showed one of her little plants,

in a beautiful  blue pot

so when I saw this plant
it spoke to me and said

take me home
me levar para casa
Prenez-moi chez vous

so it being a multi-lingual little plant
I did!!!

When I got home I saw that another contact had asked to see if these blocks could be made in colours
so I whipped a few up to show her.
I, personally, in my opinion,
don't like them.
but many others do.
I got to see Mad Men on tape
while I made them....
it was'nt the best show I've seen,
hope they haven't ruined it by trying to be better and bigger
and new and improved!!!

When this  happened...
I knew it was time to get up and be a good mummy
see how she is ignoring me
and pretending she isn't there...
that's when she speaks the

(This was interrupted by a power failure
problems with the
internets connection
the geek squad of one panicing
and disconnecting
not being able to figure out
what was what.....
but we are back on the air
so seeing as I've lost my train of thought
I bid you adieu
good day!!)




~mormorshem~ said...

Thank you för the words Marilyn, I will remember them, so I can finish my work for the kitchen :-)

Such a lovely cat!
And other wonderful pictures here in your blog.
As you know, I am not good in English, but I do my best to understand, and to write to You ;*)

♥ E

Frualbertsson said...

Little Miss Whiskers is so cute!
Sorry for your hydrangea, it´s a sad thing to see it hang it´s head.
What are you planning for those squares? a blanket? they look really nice.

Posy Linda said...

Well your violet is lovely and so is that lil kit. Enjoy your day!!!!

allertadele said...

I love the colours in your granny squares, really pretty!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love your color blocks. Just finished a baby afghan that I started while in the States.

We are back to the heat, high humidity and light dust here in Kuwait. Nice to be inside away from it all. Jet lag is kicking butt at the moment. Thankfully I have two more weeksbefore heading back to work.

Have a great day! :) Tammy

Valerie said...

I'm glad this is not a real Adieu !!

I love the way you write Marilyn ! included in French !

I can't believe how fast you crochet ! I love your granny squares -- what are they for ? pillows ?

Glad to read you're now a full member of the succulent photographers' club -- worldwide -- with your very own one ! ;)