Sunday, August 1, 2010


Other than knowing who she is, of course,
I don't know this young lady.
Most of us don't!!!
I was just so happy for her
that she got to have her wedding
the way she wanted it.
In private
with her family and friends
and without us poking our noses in
and ruining it.
This is my favourite photo so far
you can see
by the shrug of her shoulders
how excited and happy she is!
Like all brides
on their day
she is beautiful
and starting what I hope will be
a long life
with her husband
and I am sure
her parents are equally happy and excited.

What a lovely young woman she is
How nice to see that little curly headed girl we watched grow up in the spotlight
find some peace and privacy.
As I said
I don't know them
but I wish them happiness

Just thought I'd say!!!!

1 comment:

Karin said...

Beautiful words!
Wish them lots of happiness!