Saturday, August 21, 2010


I went...

the resident architect
is trying to level Nature!!

This is one of the hands that does all of the work around here!!!

He decided to move the concrete bench from under
the bush that had grown over it

but took a second to wave HI to you!

and make you a pretty bird shadow!!!
on the seat....

in here is a nest of yellow jacket wasps....

guarded by this little lady
While he tried to make everything perfect
as he does
I took pictures of what ever caught my eye
as I do
shadow roses

dead but still interesting

look how the rain has turned the spruce blue again!!

me being me
I got bored waiting for the perfect level bench to be finished
and I came inside
cos it was coffee time and I needed my cup
I also made a few of these
cos we don't have enough outside!

while the coffee was making...

all hell broke loose and
in through the door came husband
full tilt
ripping his shirt off
and  whipping it round his head.....

on the floor dropped a lone wasp
which was dispatched instanly

Yes folks
the wasps got him
and his perfect bench
they are now swarming outside in the front of the house

that is why I stay inside and make what is outside!!!!!



andi said...

Oh no!!! Poor hubby, but I have to admit the mental image you provided did have me laughing. I love your little acorns. How did you make those? M- you are smart to stay inside. Keep making more lovelies for us to view.

Angie said...

Oh no! Bless his heart, but it made for a great post, haha. Love his bird shadow.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Sorry but I'm laughing my head off at your poor hubby's expense... but like wasn't this going to happen!!! Never mind his intent was of the greatest pleasure...
I love your little acorns...

Posy Linda said...

The bench will be great under the tree. I hope your husband wasn't too bothered by that wasp.

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

:)these darlings do almost everything for us girls !!! i love that bench


I also love those little acorns!! Good to have an extra set of hands to help you in the garden!
Best wishes.
Ingrid x