Friday, August 13, 2010

still wet!!!

My feet are wet and the hem of my skirt is all drippy too
I went outside
for you
to take some photos of what is there!!
I lamented how I miss the flowers
but I went without a care!!!!

(Now it would be a perfect day
they would quit firing the cannons
and my headache would go away
and the Maid Brigade would
come clean my house.........)

It is still cloudy and windy and it's raining!!!
It's foggy and so humid outside
and everything is dripping

It's silver

it's setting pods
and still vining
it's still blooming
in two colours

the moss is moist

the acorns are falling too soon
too small and too exhausted from the
long hot summer

but the change is coming

LOVE it!!!!




T's Daily Treasures said...

When things wind up dripping around here, it is because of condensation from the high humidity. Doors are not sealed well so the a/c hitting the humid air in the stairwell makes the walls sweat big time.

I am staying indoors, crafting, while the weather outside is frightful! Trying to get over jet lag.

Sure do miss those summer rains we experienced in the States when everything becomes fresh and greener than ever.

Best wishes for a great weekend. :) Tammy

Posy Linda said...

The rain gave you a wonderful oportunity for some lovely photos. Beautiful is right....

madhu said...

Aha! so this is where we get the idea to crochet acorns!!! Lovely!

Valerie said...

beautiful that's true !

however pardon me if i prefer to look at all this water on my screen than in my yard.. i'm allergic to humidity & have asthma to fog :(
and guess what we get much water from the sky where i live !