Monday, August 2, 2010

whole thing!!

Here is the whole block

It's called sunny spread
link to the
 I edged it with
reverse sc
also called
Crab Stitch over the pond!!!!

I forgot to tell you
there is a new link over on the side
it is to Annemaries blog
where she lets you put a little something of yours
on her blog and more people will see it!!!
she has a link button and there are instructions on how to link your stuff on her page.
Go over and have a look!!
She'll love it!!


Merchy said...

Hi Marilyn, this is a great pattern. I love your edge with the crab stitch.
Thanks for sharing!

Frualbertsson said...

Ohh there it is, and your variety on these are so much better than mine! Lovely!

manda's challenges :) said...

Ooh what a fabulous square love that edging xxx

andi said...

I swear you and I were seperated at birth. I just favd that on Ravelry and was thinking it is going to be my next crochet project! :)
It looks wonderful, you crochet beautifully. BTW- your new banner photo is my all time favorite!!!!!!!

ratmammy said...

I am new to your blog. Could you tell me what type of yarn you are using, and what size crochet hooks? These look like they are very dainty projects but I am not so good with the steel hooks!! :(