Sunday, August 8, 2010


today, I thought I would do a little "blogkeeping".
By that, I mean, it's high time I said
to all the people who have started following this
space of mine here
in cyberspace.
Some of you I know quite well by now,
some of you I am getting to know
and then there are those of you who
never say a word and sneek in and leave!!!
I see your little flags flying on my "world"
and some of you stay for a while
so I figure you are checking me out
and then moving on.
I also know, as most of you do,
that as soon as a piece of crochet is posted
on the blog or over on Flickr
the flags flying increase quite a bit.
(no, I do not sit here and stare at the screen
I just notice when I'm on the page!!!!)
It is really fascinating to see them appear
from all over the globe....
places like tiny islands off the
 North coast of
South America,
the Faroe Islands!!!
the Far East
the Middle East
Hi T
Iceland.. soon to be Norway
kalla S
Bon jour V
Hoppas S
Hello M
maybe even someone I know in
Weybridge England
Auntie is that you??
the land down under
G'day BB and M
hi K
places I am not sure I have ever heard of
and then
the flags of people I know
like Toronto
Jumbo Jeroge
 Silver Springs
Hi N
hey a-gal
and In
hi D
hey girl WAC
etc etc etc
I still find all of this
quite awesome and I still wonder who you all are.

To those of you who have left such nice
compliments the last few days
you are most welcome
thank you all very much;
for the compliments,
for the friendship,
for the time you take
visiting this bit of nonsense
I really mean it!!!

Now if you all come over
I'll make us a cuppa something
and maybe there's a stale brownie we can share
it's cooled down an awful lot
so we can sit outside and
"natter and 'nit"!!

OH N....
for M
then you can ride your sexy new bike
with all the gear probs!!! Maybe we can fix it with some yarn,
you did say you had cable malfunctions....  :)  x

I'm going now....before you all exit, stage right!!!!!
Have a great day, afternoon, evening, night
where ever you are
Ya'll come back
real soon!!!



Frualbertsson said...

Hello M,
Hugs from
S in Sweden ;-)

mosteringalisa said...

Hello there!
Started to follow you yesterday.Found you at Flickr,no, I think it was the other way around,you commented on one of my photos.Thank you very much!
Flickr is wonderful,so many great and beautiful works to find there,a real inspiration.
See you!!
Maggan (Sweden)

Angie said...

***Waving*** from Arkansas, USA

Anonymous said...

And from Toronto! You left out your visitor from Riyadh whose flag I see flying right now!! Salaam-u-alekhum!!

Posy Linda said...

Greetings from Florida! Your blog is really fantastic. Have the best week ever!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Austria.
I came over from Bethel (flickr).
Thanks a lot for the tutorial.


Andi said...

Hi love!
I am so looking forward to that stale brownie!

Valerie said...

Bonjour !
It seems i'm sarzeau/brittany/france on your blog world map !
but you know that since we're getting to know each other ; )
I don't have any features like these on my blog, so I have no idea where my visitors come from or how many visits I have ... but I guss mysterious is part of the fun too :D