Monday, August 23, 2010

more sun....

Yes I bought another bunch of sunflowers!!
they are cheap and they last a long time
so why not!!!?

I actually put them outside for a bit
and took these in the sun
that promptly went behind some dark clouds
and I had to hurry and get them inside.

It rained for a little bit
but I wasn't going to drag them out again...

remember the dried up little roses I showed a couple so weeks back
they are coming back beautifully
amazing what happens when you let the rain fall on them

until I know I won't be stung
this is as close to that bench
as I get.
the husbands wounds are healed
he had a large welt
where the little devil stung him
but he (hubs) is fine

this one looks like it's the white rose
so I bid you peace
a good day.

Thank you for all the
thank yous for
the "tuts"
I may just make it a regular thing...
we'll see...



T's Daily Treasures said...

Gorgeous sunflowers. What are you making those sweet little acorns out of? Hope your hubby is fine after the wasp sting. My aunt got stung twice by bees this summer while in her backyard garden. Rain would be nice. We only have heat and humidity. Maybe by November the weather will change. Best wishes, Tammy

Frualbertsson said...

sunflowers are such beautiful flowers, but I have never seen them sold in any store :-(
Enjoy them!