Friday, July 16, 2010

this weeks flowers

from this morning
a little something that would have been picked and removed had I not stood guard over her!!!

this little beauty
found this morning hiding under the hosta leaf....

the hydranga is changing from blue to pink
sweetness from somewhere!

this fellow got a tan!

watching the world go by
through those bug eyes!

and this one?
Just the black eye left
Susan's gone!



Frualbertsson said...

Hello Marilyn
What beatutiful flowers, I especially love the hydrangea, they are really wonderful!
I saw somewhere that you had crocheted a pillow much like mine! :-) You made a really nice work on that one! Have you started the other side?

I feel like I have been away from Flickr and all blogs for ever, but it´s only a couple of days :-)

Have a nice day,

Andi said...

When I need to replenish my soul, my first stop is always your blog. Your pictures always make me smile. You are wonderul, thank you for sharing the incredible beauties you see every day! Have a great weekend,my friend.