Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the charity shop .....

I showed you the other day
has changed persona

become something else!!

no more a holder for
old chipped coffee cups
but a holder
of jewels
sparkley things!!!!
Taa Daa....
much better!!!
I found some silver leaf that I didn't know I still had
went to town on it
now the necklaces and bracelets
can hang free
and I can see what i have at a glance.
Oh there is more, but they will have to wait their turn!!!

:) :) :)


Valerie said...

this is such an inspiring make-over Marilyn !!!
We have one of these and when I get tired of it for the kitchen, I now know what other purpose I can give it !
btw I love your jewels colors !!

deb@virginia blue said...

i LOVE it!!!
might need to make one of my own :)