Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pillow tute.....edited...

Susanne Albertsson designed the pattern
I wrote it down as I made it
that was almost a year ago
Susanne said it was OK to write it down
as English is not her first language
 and anything written in Swedish
when translated  into English
makes no sense
most of the time!!!
you need to know American terms (sorry I don't know the others!)
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
fpdc= front post double crochet
yo = yarn over
I used different colours to help you see the stitches
it is a very repetitious pattern...doing the same thing row after row
 so writing it down was a little difficult somehow...
but it's an african flower
surrounded by dc and fpdc
until you decide it's finished
you start by making an
African Flower

 is on Flickr
(scroll down the page a bit and you'll find it there.)

make the flower to the point in which you make the row with the  long stitch between the petals
join with a
slip stitch
chain  3 and make a row of double crochet all around
where the top of the petal is
1dc, ch1, 1dc in same space
where the long stitch is
miss the stitch directly on top of the stitch
1dc, ch 1, miss a stitch, 1dc

a front post double crochet is made by
yarn over,  put the hook around the stitch below from right to left and front to back and around
yo and finish the dc stitch

each and every row is the same
1dc 1fpdc
join with a slip stitch
do not turn
ch 3 and continue with the
1dc 1fpdc

 there is nothing else to write
do this until you have a size you like
I did 14 dc fpdc rows
then a row of plain dc
I made a fabric  hex pillow and sewed the piece on to the front

Susanne made bobbles on hers
they appear to be positioned in between the fpdc
she then made a few more rows of the pattern
I am sure she will help you if you have questions
she was very happy to share this design with us
so I'm sure she'll be happy to again

this is Susanne Albertssons' above

this is mine


Anonymous said...

Great pattern! I like how making the front post stitch gives it a kind of ribbed effect - really nice! I'm adding it to my never ending list of crochet items!

Frualbertsson said...

Nice work Marilyn, I had never had the patiens to write my pattern down, thank you!


I have deleted my account on Flickr, I don´t have the patiens for that either :-)

FoodFunFarmLife said...

Just lovely - you are very talented ! Also wanted to say that I love your header photo - such detail & really lovely !

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

im in love ,its a great tut that i will be using

Eva Persson said...

Love the pillow pattern. Also on your post for the herringbone pattern you don't say what size needle you use. Could you post that information? Thanks.

Marilyn said...

reply to Eva...when I do the "how to" I just use whatever is at hand...I was using very thick yarn for the herringbone and as you can see the needles are large!! 15mm size 19...this stitch works with any size yarn...hope this helps...and thanks for the comment..

Anonymous said...

Goodness ... what a lovely design.

It makes me want to make it - and maybe into a baby blanket!

Thank you so very much!

Marny (not Anonymous)

Shelley Gill said...

These are amazing! LOVE THEM! Is there a way to get Susanne's hexagon pattern? I did not see where I could email you. I am willing to purchase the pattern. Please let me know. Thank you!

~Shelley Gill