Friday, July 9, 2010


Lack of water....
and words!!
Going outside these days
makes me sad.
All those beautiful
flowers and plants I have been showing you
are dying.
No amount of watering
makes a difference.
Did you know that plants stop growing
at 92 degrees F
and go into survival mode?
With the scorching temperatures
we've had of late,
and the
lack of rain,
things are just
sitting and dying.
I am so glad I didn't go out to the nursery
in early Spring
like I normally do
and spend a fortune
on new and improved plants
that would have been like throwing money in the lake.

So, I have no pretty flowers to show you.
I have no lush green meadow
to snap,
It is hot and dusty
out there,
and in here...
so am I.
Life consists of the boring mundane parts of life
nothing worth snapping or writing about...

if something comes up....
I'll share...
So if I am quieter than usual
it's because there is a drought....
of many kinds!!!
maybe I should take a break and give you all a rest

we'll see


Frualbertsson said...

I understand the sadness... but please don´t stop writing! Write about your new beautiful scarf that you are crocheting ;-) or about what book you read... anything will do! :-)


Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Chin up dear
I'm so sorry about your plants, I know a lot about hot and dry too...
The good thing is that new flowers will grow again, and we will keep you company in the meantime!
love and hugs
Louise x

MDScaper said...

M, today's rain will hopefully make a difference. It won't green up the lawn but it may put a bounce back into your flowers (and also encourage the pesky crabgrass to sprout up in unwanted places!).

Nick xxoo