Friday, July 16, 2010

the Earth Moved

at around 5ish this morning!!!!
I'm not writing some naughty novel here!!!
The hubs answered a call this morning
I woke up as well
while he was absent
I "heard" something
"felt" something.
I thought he had bumped into a table or the cat
and thought nothing of it
the thought that the Marines were up really early
also crossed my mind.
They bombed something the other night at
11.30 p.m.
over there where they play soldier
when I turned the TV on at 6.30ish
there was breaking news
on all channels
talking about a
in Maryland
at 5ish.
I didn't put two and two together
until my second cup of coffee...
told you I was quick!!!
I just asked the hubs if he felt anything while he was up
 and he said he thought it was the Marine Base too
or far off thunder!

Wonder what the Rebups
and end of worlders
are going to make of this!!!!!

DC shaken by Eathquake!!!
but only just!!!!



there were actually two
a 2.0
in Germantown Md
as well...

1 comment:

deb@virginia blue said...

oh my! what a crazy way to be awakened! we had an earthquake when we lived in washington literally felt {and sounded} like a freight train was traveling through our backyard.

{ps...i didn't know you were in maryland! i'm an east coast girl myself...born and raised in virginia. i still miss it quite a bit!}