Sunday, July 25, 2010

The necklace!!

So, you look around the house to see if you have something
and you find that you don't
so what to put the necklace on to show it off.
a wine jug from
either Greece or Tuscany
of course!!!
and where to put it
when the light is awful
either too bright or too dark
on the Egyptian tray
that sits atop the chest
from Indonesia

(note to self....visit Ikea more often!)

so here is what i did with the beads
after several versions
this is how I strung them.

the beautiful pieces of Turquoise

and the fascinating Volcano beads
with the Silver

and to complete the International-ity
of it all
a Tibetan Pendant
that the husband
bought me a few Christmases ago
that never had a place.....
I love it!!!!!!



Frualbertsson said...

The black beads is really different, and makes the turcoise look so much more beautiful.

deb@virginia blue said...

this is so gorgeous, marilyn! you just ooze talent everywhere, don't you?? :)

Svanhvít said...

wow it looks so amazing !! just love what you did with them and the pendant you got from youre hubby is just perfect there :) i knew you would do something so pretty with them

allertadele said...

This is just so beautiful Marilyn!

About Mo and me said...
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About Mo and me said...

Truly beautiful, Marilyn! I loved the story of the "random act of kindness" you have posted recently and I love what you did with the stones. Wonderful combination of colors, materials and cultures. I would wear it every day!


P.s.: Sorry for the empty message above, I've tried to comment several times by Open-ID and got an error message every time. Had to rewrite the text, the used copy-paste. Forgot to past the last time when I used the name/URL method, which finally worked.