Friday, July 23, 2010

done and dusted

I love that expression!
 the house is
swept clean of all the dirt that accumulates in no time
the furniture no longer looks dull and lifeless
the rugs and kitty sheets
are all clean and fluffy!!!
dinner is on the stove
and it smells
and as a reward for all of that
boring but necessary stuff
I got the prize I won
on Louise from Gibraltar
in the mail....
maybe I should clean more often!!!!

Here it is...
A little tray
that I can keep my camera and its bits on
and a little book
I can write all the things I want to crochet in.
draw in
take notes.....
I know that Louise is on holiday at the momemt
she said so on her blog
but I still want to say thank you
and I hope you have a great time.

For the rest of you who didn't get a reward for what you did today....
you get to go home and chill
do it!!!

1 comment:

andi said...

Yeah treasures! I think the true treasure the nice clean house. Nothing feels better. :)
Have a great weekend!