Monday, July 12, 2010

Another week..

How quickly this year is going by.
It's the 12th of July already...
Almost half way through the month
and I'm just noticing??!!!
Quick ain't I?!
soon it will be time for these again!!
(found in the tin I use to put the muffins in!)

Just heard on the radio that we might get more rain this afternoon...
that's good news
OH...I am not the only one going on and on about the rain and heat
I did a quick blog surf yesterday
and the folks in Europe are asking for relief too
seems it's just as hot and dry over there too.
what have we done what have we done??
to this poor planet?

but sometimes there are little goodies to find
for later...just incase
see the seeds in the bottom there...
someone is stocking up for a not so rainy day!!

 as in this disgusting show of nature at her raw-est
you make hay while the sun shines...

Speaking of Europe
which I was
yes I was
you weren't paying attention!!
I sent a little package off today

to a certain
Swedish town
in Sweden!!
(that's where you normally find Swedish towns isn't it!)

Hope it doesn't take very long and it makes it there safely.

While we were doing the grocery shopping yesterday
(see mundane stuff no one wants to know about)
I stopped by the flowers as I am known to do
and the resident carrot juice maker

asked... are you going to get some...
hoping I would hurry up so we could move on!!
I replied
....well, Andi said she was looking forward to seeing what I get...
having no idea what the hell I was talking about
....he said oh OK....
and continued on his way through that maze of  newly stacked shelves
that have been moved to new locations and don't ever make any sense...
 I got these
and this week they are for
who had a tough week last week
and deserves to have a
little something
from someone who hopes that this week is a better one...
even if they are
"cyber flowers"..... they are for you.....

You are wonderful too!! x



andi said...

So in cyberspace we seems to have symbols or abbrev for just about everything. What is the symbol for jump up and down?
Those are wonderful and really made my day.
Is there anything prettier than a white rose, I don't think so. It is kind of like wearing is not very forgiving so you better make sure everything is just right. Great job on picking flowers this week.
Big love to you.... Andi

deb@virginia blue said...

white roses are so beautiful!
i'm glad you're finally getting some of the rain you need... we're getting little bits here and there, too. i woke up this morning and everything was gray, so i did my little happy dance and then the skies opened up and down came the rain!! :)