Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iceland landed .......a random act of kindness....

A few weeks ago
or maybe it was days ago
I posted the photo of my beads.
who hails from ICELAND
told me she wanted my address so she could send me something.
well, today I got a package in the mail
the island
with the volcano
that no one can pronounce
that messed up the flights for weeks
that island.

It took no time at all to get here
and this is what she sent me....

but first you have to know about this young lady.
We met on Flickr
as you do!!
and through posting comments and such
we became what we call
We've flickrmailed a few times
and I found out
that she is leaving her homeland to go and live in Norway.
Her husband is there now getting things ready for his family to go and join him in a few weeks
where they will start a new life .
Svana.....isn't that a great name!!
is the mother of five beautiful children.  FIVE!!!
She has been packing their things in boxes
and making sure that everything is done and ready to go.
She has been very busy
as we can imagaine
when she saw the beads
she asked me to send my address
she insisted
and told me how excited she was because she had thought of something she wanted to send me.
I got the package today
as I said......

a box of cards
with inspirational sayings
to make us all better people
from the Hidden People of Iceland.
I LOVE folklore!

These are my favourites..
I'll post better pics later....

and in a bag
were these.........

from the land she will soon be leaving
to start a new life with her family.
she sent me a piece of her homeland
and I will treasure it for ever.
Thank you Svana
for your sweet generosity
for taking time out to think of someone you have never met
I wish you and your family nothing but
happiness health and good fortune
when you get there
send me a photo
of all of you
YOU included
standing infront of that great house
smiling, so I know you're happy!!!!!
(I won't post it if you don't want me to
I promise!!!)
þakka þú a þúsund sinnum minn sætur Iclandic Víkingur Prinsessa

I have to go
I can't see through the tears!!!!



Svana Valería said...

omg what wonderful things you say about me ,im so glad this made you happy (im also happy ) that you are happy haha,hope you can make something out of these few beads ,as i told you next time you get a suprise package it will be from Norway
youre words brought tears to my eyes to, now arent we just to cute
Icelandic víkingur prinsess has a big víking smile on her face and send kisses to you my good flickr friend
hugs Svana víkingur prinsess

Valerie said...

that's really cool ! yay for flickr friends ;) & very nice of Svana !
can't wait to see what you make with the beautiful beads -- I love the colors & textures
I'd like to visit Iceland, but my next trip abroad will be... Norway (unfortunately Oslo only)
what a lovely tribute to online friendships you wrote !

deb@virginia blue said...

that's so sweet!! what a nice weekend treat for you :) hope it diverted your mind at least a tiny bit away from all the oppressive heat... we're seriously wilting around here!

Inga Helene said...

What a nice gift! I hope Svana will love Norway and that Norway will treat her nicely :-)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Aww, what a wonderful gift...of friendship and those beautiful beads. This post made me smile, thanks for sharing it.

allertadele said...

What a beautiful gift!