Saturday, July 10, 2010


are you wondereing what the heck that is in the header photo....

well if you haven't been to Flickr
you won't know
that I bought it
when I went
 "grumpy shopping".
The hubs decided he needed some new
and Whiskers asked for something new to sleep on
that wasn't crocheted or knitted or old!!
so off we toddled
we do that now...we're old!!
he went to the men's dept.
and I went to the
buy the cat something to sleep on dept
then did a once around the shelves at the back....
best part of the store!!!
I found the bowl and picked it up
because it said... take me home with you
I'm lonely!!

I also got a stand to put my sewing machine on
that has baskets, to put stuff in, underneath
and we all know you can never have
enough places to put your stuff .

So, after a short lived grumpfest
and the news that rain was on its way
we all felt
new and improved
and enjoyed the rest of the evening

him in his new pants
doesn't think I need to show you.....

her on her new "sheets"
happy we were all happy.

the anniversary roses
dried and in their new place....
see never enough places to put stuff!!!


Country Girl said...

I love this bowl.

And love the way you got rid of the short-lived grumps.

Country Girl said...

PS ~ That was me above with the delete. Somehow I must have hit the publish comment twice.

deb@virginia blue said...

Gorgeous bowl!! Don't you love it when you score something fabulous on a shopping trip? :)

Frualbertsson said...

Love that bowl, I love everything that´s blue and white... I think...
I have just orderd som white and different blue colors yarn, to make a new cloth for my kitchentable.... catch me if you can :))

Andi said...

That bowl is amazing! Sound like the toddling paid off. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope it means lots of bright flowers for you. :)