Sunday, July 11, 2010

Change of scenery...

I got the old box of tricks out again
had driven myself insane trying to follow a pattern
that a two year old could do and finally decided I didn't really want it
so why was I driving myself batty doing it?
that fact alone didn't help me figure it out!!!

So I put the hook and yarn back in the drawer
and cleared off the desk
put my bead boxes out.

I don't know how long ago it was
but I started making bracelets and necklaces
and found it enjoyable.
I even sold quite a few of them
thanks to my sister and a friend.
I got my sister hooked
(or is that beaded?!)
one year when we went on our yearly trek to the Outer Banks
She spent the entire week sitting at the large kitchen table
plotting and putting
the beads on the design board
planning which shop we would visit next and which beads she needed
to make whateve,r just perfectly perfect!
I had never seen her like this
and it made me very happy to see her
de-stress about one thing
and become completely addicted to another
much more enjoyable and artistic side of her she hadn't touched.
I would hear her at two in the morning
making something else
and then the beads would drop back in their boxes
plink plink plink
and I would know she wasn't satisfied
with the design
and as soon as she was up again
and she'd had her first coffee
out the beads would come
and head down
and references to Edwardian
or Italian influences
she'd start again.
She used words like BLING
so not her!!!
She refused to learn how to
"lock" the beads,
I was so much better at that she'd say,
all she wanted to do was
 string string string more

These are not what she made.
I cant find the photos of all the strings of blings
but I will and post a few!!!
These are what I have made and kept
for myself.

I do wear them occasionally
when the mood strikes
As you can no doubt see
I like Turquoise!!!
I also like substance
no little gold chain with an invisible something hanging from it
for me
NO give me a necklace that looks like it came out of a Tibentan cave
a hundred years ago
and silver
always silver!

this little pearl and czech glass bead
number isn't mine...
it's for someone
on the other side of the
who needs a little something to wear with her jeans
and new lacy scarf that she made and posted the pattern.....

you know the one that was driving me to drink and debauchery...
that one!!!!!


1 comment:

Frualbertsson said...

Yes, come to your new Mom.
I will wear you to jeans, to skirts, to my dresses, to the nightgown .... no I will not ...

I'll pick out my ugly jewelry from a nice box, and there you can live while I go to work.

See you soon lovely bracelett!