Saturday, July 3, 2010

good morning all....

As I am apt to do...
I went over to Flickr this morning to see what was what
being in the West means
we get in on the fun and games a bit later
than the rest of the world!!
as my youngest says
I scanned the new photos and
what should I see
but a photo
of what I thought was
Mummys little angel...
my cat.
I can tell you it was a brain freeze moment
because I didn't remember posting it.
Then I noticed the carpet
I don't have that carpet!!
I read the caption
It was a post from
(one of my loyalest commenters!!!!)
from Sweden
and she had posted a photo of her parents cat
Whiskers twin
her doppleganger
which gave me the creeps I can tell you...!
So over you go to see this
freakishly freaky fen-om-in-on....
animals have twins too!!!

do do do do.......
(theme from
"the outer limits"
or the other one I can't think of right now!!!!!)


Frualbertsson said...

Yes they really have twins. Have you noticed that whiskers have hers white on the nose on the left side (on the photo) and Mimmi has got her white on the right side? Is that the only thing that seperates them?... and of course about 100 000 miles ;-)

Marilyn said...

So they aren't twins, they are mirror images!!!! ooooooooooooo!!!!!

Valerie said...

how fun !!!
and of course yes I do believe they have twins !