Friday, July 2, 2010

friday doings

(and a cherry on top)

there's another one gone.
A half a year too!
Before we know'll be next year!
This week has just flown by, I had to think what day it was when I got up this morning!
Weather wise it has been heavenly.
The heat is coming back on Sunday,
but we have one more cool evening
one more coolish day tomorrow so let that be what we focus on!
I did a little cleaning today.
(did she say a little :o)
2 1/2 hrs in one room
should tell you
how "little" it was.
Where in the hell does all the dust come from?
I dusted and vacuumed
and pushed and shoved
until my back
and I washed a few things
and while they were drying
I thought how pretty they looked
so I thought I would show
a big star fish bit
a shell necklace I've had since I was a little girl
that we bought in France on a camping trip
the stones and wire necklace
my first brother-in-law made me
a hundred years ago.
most of the stones fell off but I saved
a few and glued them back on
the green beads, are just that!!!

A perfect little shell in a glass house
don't throw stones!!!

a big star fish... a brain coral chunk
and a bit of the necklace again

This is dinner
Quiche my way

Part of dessert
fruit salad....
 the doiley
under the fruit bowl
I made this week
while watching
crap on TV.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Usually while I am watching crap on tv, I don't get a whole lot done. :) Love that doily! Dinner looks great. We have had nothing but gorgeous weather since arriving to the States on Sunday. Kids are outside playing. Been thrifting and garage saleing, sitting outside, crocheting beaded bracelets -- enjoying time with family and friends. Have a great weekend and best wishes, Tammy

Frualbertsson said...

That quiche looks delicious! whats in it?
How many lovely things you have in your home, it seems so calm an beautiful!