Wednesday, July 28, 2010


in a cloth for the kitchen

to wash and wipe away
the blahs!!!
When there is drudgery to do
grab a cloth
bright enough to blind you
get on with what you have to do!

Like polishing the apples...
heaven forbid the neighbours find dust on your
Make sure you have many

of all colours and sizes

make sure they compliment the dishes
yellow and blue
so good together!!

give one to your sister
and listen to how much she loves it!!!
and take the hint!!!

Make one and instantly
put it somewhere
never to be seen again!!!
but you took its photo
so in a way you still have it!

and finally
(because I am bored too)
make one that is totally and
completely useless

Pile them all on the bed
move them at least ten times a day
and wonder......
when does a girl
have too many cloths and not enough
pommes to polish????



Frualbertsson said...

Ohh I love all of your cloths! I need to crochet something like that sooooooon :-)

deb@virginia blue said...

squeeee!! they're all simply fabulous! and i'm a firm believer than one can never have too many pretty dishcloths... even of the completely useless variety :)

Maria said...

Such pretties!!!
I don't know how you could use them in the dirty water.
The last one is lovely as a potholder me thinks

andi said...

I love all homemade towels and potholders. I especially love all yours. You and I must be on the same crafting wavelength-I have been up late working on some potholders for the sister's upcoming bday (shh-don't tell her)
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!