Sunday, July 25, 2010

how to make ear rings!

Sister dear......
here is a tut on how to make an ear ring
 or two..... unless you are van gogh.....

you will need
head pins
some are plain and some are fancy

jump rings and needle nosed pliers

ear ring posts

collect all of this
and take untold numbers of photos

put the bead on the pin.
with the needle nosed pliers
bend the wire towards you over the bottom "nose"

flip the pliers over and pull the wire to the back and around

drop the camera....but make sure you keep the focus

swear out loud so the cat hears you
and twist the wire around 2-3 times

cut the wire.... with the wire cutters you didn't show you needed

and you should have this
only you hope that the pin you use isn't an el cheapo and the silver coating comes off
like this

put the bead on the jump ring
which you have opened by twisting it
and not pulling it straight out

add the ear post
close the jump ring

again sideways and making sure there is no gap
for the whole thing to fall apart

you got's yourself
ear ring!!!!


you could go to a professional website to see how a
PRO does it!!!!!

that is why they get the big money
and I have to buy el cheapo
head pins!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary! Can you leave it on another couple of days till I get the gear?