Saturday, July 10, 2010

R A I N.....

(from a few weeks ago)

It's raining too hard for me to shoot this rain....

it's raining

hope it rains all day long
and into tonight
and if it isn't too greedy
tomorrow too!

thank you for the words of encouragement
it is really sweet of you to cheer me up
 you did and I got a lump in my throat when I came back and saw your comments
I re-read the post and it did sound awfully glum
but that's me
glum one minute
not glum the next
it's a Libra thing I guess

Well I'm off to watch the


Country Girl said...

It all balances out when you're a Libra. It's a good sign to be.

And it's raining here -- a sweet, gentle, good rain.

deb@virginia blue said...

Hooray for rain!!!! It rained here yesterday, too.... my flowers and I were so happy :)