Thursday, July 22, 2010

running out

of flowers to post....
the garden is winding down already
and what will I
take pictures of?
the house plants?
I bought these at the
grocery store
I show you how small they are
by keeping their hideous paper jackets on
lime green
neon pink...
but the roses are cute
allbeit the yellow one is
drying and a bit crispy!!
but it has new blooms and they should be alright
once I remove the hideous neon cover!!!
and give them drink and some TLC.

Outside it is brown and dry and in need of a good
spruce up...
but I'm sorry that can wait until
it's cooler

I sat out for a little while this morning
it wasn't so humid or hot
so I had my coffee there.
You can see the grass is brown and dry .
Speaking of the grass.
the young man came back with friend in tow
and cut the grass
and what a disaster that turned out to be!!
He ran over a yellow jackets nest and got stung
several times!!!
The wasps flew up his shorts and stung him
where they shouldn't have!!!
I ran to get ice
and made him spit on the stings
he kept saying
It's all good
it's all good
clearly it wasn't!!
I let him use the bathroom to see exactly where the sting
that hurt the most WAS
and he came back
and said
it's ok.
I felt so awful....
and kept asking if he was allergic
 they say that more than four stings can be dangerous
but he said he'd been stung before, cutting his own grass.
I ran up the road and bought the last two cans of spray
and the hubs,
who was perfectly calm and kept telling of his experiences with wasps nests,
sprayed the area.
We haven't had an irate parent come knocking  on the door
threatening to sue us
so, I guess



deb@virginia blue said...

Yikes!!! I do NOT like flying insects that sting. Poor fellow :(

Your house plants are quite pretty...I even like the crispy yellow rose :)

Frualbertsson said...

Flying insects... I thought they had all died in the heat ;-) We have had rain and heat, and then rain and heat... it feels like living in the djungle.

MDScaper said...

I don't like stinging insects that sting "there".

allertadele said...

Oh dear, I bet the poor lad was terrified you would ask to have a look and check he was okay, LOL