Saturday, July 24, 2010

hazy hot and humid

is the forecast

the storm in the Gulf
may not get as big as they thought
which is such a good thing
but still not what those poor people need

(from some weather page I can't find again!!
the heat wave over us at the moment
told you I don't like pink!!!!)

the weather in the Northern US
is so out of control and wierd
it isn't funny
the amount of water that falls out these storms that just explode overhead
is just plain scary
I have read on many a European blog
that the heat over there
is breaking records
in Latvia one blogger said it was
which is 122 F!!!!!!
That is just
crazy craziness!

I have been putting water in as many plant saucers as I can find
for the birds to drink and take a bath in.
They love splashing around and getting cooled off and clean!
I will try to get a photo of the
Robin who just stands in one.
He likes his feet wet and cool
I just missed a great little episode of
shared coolness
a Cat Bird was in the water
a Purple Martin flew all around him and landed on the edge
and got a free shower
as the Cat Bird splashed the water on him!
another little bird joined in the free spray...
and I didn't have the
bloody camera with me!!!
I really must remember to never go outside without the lens
primed and ready!!

The new group on Flickr
that I told you about yesterday
is filling up fast and I have spent
time looking and finding
quite a few lovely examples
of all this crochet madness
that has struck around the globe!
Deb, the lady who asked me to help her
with the search
has also gone a little cross-eyed looking!
and just a little while ago
she found a photo of hers that had made the
Explore page....
they (the Flickreenos, that's what they call themselves!!?)
post the photos that either have the greatest response
or match some techy computery searchy thingy
that scours the uploads as they come in
I found three of mine there!!!
Who knew??!!
I didn't until Deb showed me the way!!!


Frualbertsson said...

:-) How funny, you didn´t know you where such a STAR!
Congratulation my friend!

Hope you manage to take a picture of the robins swimming :-)

deb@virginia blue said...

you're so funny, marilyn!! :)

I'm quite tired of this heatwave, myself...feeling more than ready for FALL {even though I'm very jealous that you get to have fall in va}


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, it sure seems the weather is crazy everywhere. Places that used to have temperate climates are now finding themselves in heat waves they never expected. My husband says Kuwait has had a lot of humidity this summer rather than the dust they predicted. At temps of 125 and above, the humidity is like being in a steam bath. I miss crafting -- not much time for it with all the travelling we are doing. Right now we are in OH visiting my mom. Hope you are having a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy