Saturday, July 17, 2010


seems to be my favorite "colour"
these days
I copied this from a pattern
Susanne from Sweden,
you know who lives in a Swedish town there!!,
made up and posted over on....
wait for it!

I made this instead of the other pattern
that drove me batty...
I love the way it catches the light...
so now I'm trying to decide which fabric to use as the pillow
to attach it to.

Well, I was deciding...
but  now I have decided on the black paisley on the right up there.
Will sew it tomorrow as my brain is shutting down
as we "speak"

The other thing I did was transform this

into this
I've had the neck stand for a while now and it
got old and tatty
so i
No, it's not silver
but I will bejewel it with silver
so silver is still the subject!!

Asta la vistas babies
I'm off to veg out with Dr. WHO!!!
Have a good evening...
'til the morrow


Frualbertsson said...

There it is! Lovely! And that paisley will be perfect!

Decoupage is something that I have wanted to trye out, I even bought some napkins... but then I forgotten all about it :-)

Have a lovely day, this is my last day on holliday, tomorrow work starts up again.
There is a time for everything :-)


Andi said...

I don't visit blogland for a week and I come back and you are posting like a mad woman! :)
I love this silver color, alot!