Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we had weather today...

you are probably sick of the weather reports I post

the beeps on the TV get your attention these days
and when you hear the weatherman say
"this one worries me"
you listen and watch

you worry about the geese and the babies out there

and you take pictures through the windows
because the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down in sheets

and the air fills with so much moisture
things start to disappear

and the water starts to puddle

then the sun comes out

and makes pictures on the ground
and then
they show you this

just a few miles
a few miles
south of you
someone takes a photo of a
that is a tornado on the ground
somewhere nearby
we don't know exactly where yet
but it sure looks familiar

and it lasted for miles
as it heads north east
over the highway

and the storms to come tonight...
they worry the weathermen

we don't live in
tornado country
but this year
it seems we do
this is the third storm that has had
and they have touched down
and last week they killed people in the southern part of the state
 there isn't a damn thing you can do
when they come
but watch TV
and hold your breath

we are fine
it scares the
strangely shaped knickers
out of you

just thought you'd like to know!!!!



T's Daily Treasures said...

Yikes! That is scary. Hope the storms clear and you have will have brighter days ahead. The reflection in the water is so pretty. Take care and best wishes, Tammy

NillaK said...

How scary! Glad we don't have tornados here (yet?)! Glad that you are ok.