Thursday, April 7, 2011

it isn't all bunnie business

there has been a little bit of hooking in progress

no matter how I try
 the colour

just will not

show true
this one above is the closest

It's the cotton I got at the beach last fall

and I finally found something to use it for
I just hope I have enough
and this last colour is so far from true
it's not funny

It's been quite noisy and busy outside today
not the screaming jets and cannon fire
the sound of a paving crew
resurfacing our roads
how nice of them to use our taxes on us
I couldn't take another picture, there were too many men in orange vests and yellow hard hats who didn't look as though they wanted their picture taken!!!

and I wasn't going to hide in the bushes to do it!!!
I've done enough ridiculous things out there this week
:) :)

and then of course there was the news of the earthquake
but thank goodness that's all it was
even though I'm sure those poor people must have been scared stiff

and the farce going on in Italy with that silly old man
who wastes so much money on frivolities and snubs his nose at everyone
while the people who suffered an earthquake there two years ago
still wait for their towns to be re-built

and the news in the Guardian about the drug money
and the banking industry
great that's the bank we have!!!
if you didn't read it
 how does one teach children nowadays to be honest and fair and just

yes let's leave the real world out there again
it's too scary and gloomy and just down right
on a much happier note
the weather is glorious
it's warm
it's sunny
and there's a delightful breeze coming in the open windows
the windows
are OPEN!!!!!

the leaves are on the poplar/tulip trees

the dandelions are making an appearance
I don't mind them one bit...we have no grass to speak of so why not let them spread their little
selves all over the neighbours lawn!!

and the three amigos are still sunning themselves
bless their little cotton socks

have a good one all
and thanks once again for stopping by



Anonymous said...

Bless their little cotton socks!! Always a pleasure - stopping by! Mia S

Andi said...

I love the 3 amigos!
Yes M, I am very glad that you did not continues taking pictures of the workers. :)
Love your pictures!

NillaK said...

Oh, I like dandelions! Every spring I pick a basket full, pick out just the yellow part and pour boiling water over them. A few days in the fridge, filter the water and boil it with sugar. Done! Just mix with water when you drink it, tastes like honey! The hardest part is picking off the yellow from the green - takes a looot of time and turns your fingers brown... But it's worth it!

Marilyn said...

WOW Nilla, I've never heard of that...if we get a good crop of them and I can get out there before thelawn mower...I'll try it...dandelion juice!!! hm mmm

Valeria said...

we also boil the dandelions in Iceland :) ive never done that but ive tasted it and its nice and sweet
but we also make tea from all kind of flowers that grow in the mountains

great pic´s and it would have been fun of you to pose with the workers :)