Thursday, April 28, 2011

I had not seen the news from the South when I wrote the post last evening
I was left speechless
 terrified by the weather this year

where is the energy
 that drives these monsters
coming from
why are they so much bigger
and why so many
I went to sleep crying
thinking of the terror those poor people have gone through
and feeling guilty because I was able to go to sleep
and this morning the first thing I see
is more pictures
after I wrote the post last night
Richmond Va came under the warnings ( it's where my youngest is)
and there was a photo of a tornado
that looked like it belonged out in the middle of Oklahoma
I don't know where the one here was yet.....
too many storms and warnings for them to spend time on what happened
it's still going and the counties north of us are under the gun today
this is a video of the tornado  outside Richmond


Anonymous said...

I've also been watching this on the news over in the UK and it's bloody scary stuff. I've said it before but will say it again - Mother Nature can be cruel at times. Sending love and prayers your way :)

sophie...^5 said...

Gees please take care or yourself...Mother nature seems to be more than upset!

Anonymous said...

That is terrifying. I do feel for everyone. When I went to bed late last night I put the radio on and there was a one liner about President Obama saying it was heart breaking, and that was the first I realised about how dreadful it was. I know what you mean about feeling guilty, but I do hope you and yours are safe. Mia S

NillaK said...

So scary and so sad. I wish noone would have to exprience things like that ever! I do hope the weather will calm down, don't want to hear about more deaths. Saw it on tv this morning, people searching for their love ones in the ruins. :´( I do sincerely hope that you and your family and friends will go safely through this.

cathy said...

Hi Marilyn, we finally got the power back on, look at my photostream got some photos on. We were very lucky, worst experience of my life. I will never forget the noise. My heart brakes for all the lost lives.

Valeria said...

OMG !! This is just horrible ,look at those clouds ,i cant imagen beeing in a storm like that ,hope you all stay save

love Valeria