Sunday, April 10, 2011

gloomy sunday

and very very quiet
after all the drama and trauma
for some
of the last week out there in real life
just 50 miles North of us
people seem to be just chillin'
and it's going to start up again on
when they find out exactly what it is they did
and the question is
what exactly do they do

so I thought we'd go for a walk in the cloudy dismal day
and see what we can find
a vole hole
how unusual

but it still hasn't found this one
so shhhh!!
let's not attract attention here

over in the other bed is the clematis that is supposed to bloom
in summer
well the way things are nowadays
it's ready to do its thing

and there it is
the only lonely solitary bloom
a little frayed around the edges now
but still standing!!!

and it has neighbours that suddenly popped up

 the Japanese Maple is making exotic looking origami birds on its branches

and who knew it flowered
see how overcast and grey it is....

next season's holly berries
on their way

and down at the bottom of the garden
one other single solitary little lady
just one

but there are others still furled and curled

and our tree and the neighbours tree, that we actually gave them years ago
in full flower now
shame the sun isn't out

and my gentle giant
making sneezy little things

bad shot but the clematis that is supposed to bloom now
not doing it

and one
May apple that has so far escaped those little munchers
but you can see a hole there underneath it
probably not long for this world

and lastly for today
the lillies that the husband likes so much
are breaking through

think I'll dig them up and pot them


nice to see you!!!!



Valeria said...

aww i love the pink /purple tree ,its my fav tree of all
i had a wonderful ,crochet in sun ,walking with my oldest daughter and some cake :)

cathy said...

Beautiful photos, but yours are always lovely photos.

Mrs Twins said...

I've been catching up with your posts Marilyn, fantastic photos. Isn't it nice when we start having some colour around again!
love suex

Valerie said...

I nejoy seeing your part of the world "waking up" ! daffodils are all long gone here... most trees have leaves on now, and it is all green when i look at the window...

again i like the new font & the grey you have chosen !