Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a day in a life...

this morning when I got up
it was so dark I thought it was earlier
than it was
It was cloudy and raining
and just

then the clouds parted
and the sky turned blue

and I went outside to look at it
I do a lot of that
looking at the sky
there were light fast moving clouds
that looked like smoke
so I shot them
I also took a video but it didn't work out
I also did two loads of laundry
and dried it and folded it and put it away
and the husband vacuumed all the leaves and cat hair
and human hair
but I won't show you that

the sun started shining on things that lit them up
and the birds were singing
because the sun was out
shining on things
so I shot the shiny things
the birds wouldn't hold still

the dogwoods are blooming

and the branches make patterns in the sky

the crab apple tree is sprouting

but only one branch is blooming
too much pruning by the resident pruner who won't listen
to sense

I told you it had rained
so this is show you it did

and then later on in the day
I got
fresh and silly
and told those on
that my peeps
your peeps

so, if you have peeps
have them call mine

we'll do lunch



Anonymous said...

My peeps will most certainly call your peeps lol!!!

As you can see I am back! I am somewhat better - my nose is shiny and red and very rudolph-like, my bladder has survived the succession of sneezefests and things are pretty much a-ok-kay over here now in the House of Snot - just so you know ;) You can NEVER have too much info!!

Valeria said...

i dont have any peeps :/ but i have big chocolate eggs (for the kids)
and one for me haha

im waiting for the sun to come up i can see it behinde the trees ;) i think its gona be a good day

Valerie said...

I would lay down in the grass and watch this sky forever ( say...until I'm hungry !)
and dogwoods are so beautiful. I love the new header !