Monday, April 18, 2011

much better monday...

the pictures and reports of the damage and destruction
from that storm that passed our way
are heartbreaking
so many dead
so much sadness
and the weather people keep saying there was something "unusual" about this one
it's just so scary these days
as these storms seem to be getting bigger and bigger
and the power that drives them is
humanity always stands up and somehow keeps going
neighbour and stranger
neighbourhood by neighbourhood
help comes with chain saws and trucks
coffee and water
hugs and a shoulder to cry on
tears and smiles
and bit by bit
piece by piece
they pick it all up
and start again
no matter where it is

Yesterday was a completely different day
weather wise
the sky was clear   the sun was out   and the breezes were cool
I sat outside
with my needles and wool
and soaked up the
When there are no flowers to look at
take last years trendy pillow out with you
sit on it!!!

a little of this

and some of that
and I had myself a couple of little goodies
show you later!!

This morning I got a
and it interrupted me
so while the geek squad of one
chased the problem
I went outside to see what I could see

I saw


the first lily of the valley

a little (?) rain
and up jumps the fern

then it was cat food getting time
and I found three more
.99c treasures that I plan on looking into this afternoon
and the Easter Bunny won't have to bring any candy to

catch you all later
hope you're all well and happy
have some bunnie business to take care of
hope the blue screen stays away



Eva said...

Storms which get bigger, and bigger...are no good :-(
We had a little storm here some days ago, and I did not like it, but when I read what You have written, I understand how lucky we are!

Hope You understand my english, I did not look in the wordlist ;*)

KRAM, från Eva :-)

Valeria said...

so sad how nature can do this ,the power she has is just beyond everyhing

hope you find more litle flowers and birds

we had wonderful weather yesterday

Anonymous said...

Your header picture is just beautiful, and the CNN picture is quite frightening.. the calm after the storm. Glad you are ok; so sorry for those that aren't. Hope your computer sorts itself out. Mia S

Mrs Twins said...

I know awlful frightening weather! We've been watching the USA on TV, so terribly worrying!
Always thinking of our friends around the world.
Loved the first Lily of the Valley, so pretty. Don't you feel better after a tidy up, I always do!
Thanks for your comments Marilyn, much appreciated!
Hugs Suex