Tuesday, April 26, 2011

early morning tuesday

as you can see from the title
it's early morning
a couple of hours after the sun came up
it's going to be a warm one today
it's getting humid
the wind is blowing
and the clouds are gathering
storms predicted
hopefully not bad ones

the bottom of the garden
boring but there!!!

I sat in the chair you see so often in shots of the lake
there are no geese
no ducks
there was a big huge crow
but he didn't want his picture taken
and he let me know it
I don't like crows
they kill things

so I looked up
as I often do
and this is what was there
look at the leaves
how full the trees are already
and the sound of the wind going through them is
the magnolia makes scraping sounds
guess because the leaves are so thick

the only bloom on the lilac bush
seem to be getting a lot of
only lonely single solitary
blooms this year
but one is better than

and it looks like he's back
still shy
still standoffish
giving me the stink eye
but he's here
and I'll get him
at least

I found this

 lying on the grass

and the sun kept going in and out

and I couldn't put it down

so I kept

 and the wind blew

and the sun came out

and I kept snapping

hope you have a snappy kind of day



The Garden Bell said...

Beautiful posting. Stunning pictures as always. Don't you just love the spring.

Valeria said...

i love that big shy bird :9 and that plant is just so gorgeous :)

hope the storm wont be to bad or big

love Valeria

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Mia S