Monday, April 11, 2011

two hexagons

crochet two tiny little hexagons

sew them together

after you've figured out how to line them up properly

and did you know they make a

just like the big ones!!!!

but this is really what I wanted you to see

for the past four or five evenings
this little fellow has been climbing up the
beechnut tree in the back
and having himself
a banquet
a feast
a really good nosh
(click on the photo to get a little closer and then click again)

while riding the wind
in the branches
at the very very top of the tree
wish I could find
such a good place to
eat out
as I write this the temperature out side is reading 86 F
yesterday and the day before
we felt cold
guess that means
storms tonight

have a good
whatever it is where you are



Teresa said...

What a cute idea, this little cardigan!!! I see you're having a lot of fun with your new little friend, it makes me want to get one too! :)
Have a great day, Marilyn :)

Allyson said...

Gorgeous little cardie! Your friend in the tree is cute too :)

Valeria said...

aww i love that little cardigan awesome idea for fu fu

i had a great day yesterday but its raining again :(

Eva said...

Lovely little cardigan. it is the same word in swedish...cardigan or kofta :-)

Who is Your little friend in the treee ;*)
To me, he look the same as a pretty little one we call... ekorre... in Sweden ;*)

Wish You a fine day, my friend here ~~~

NillaK said...

Oh so it's one of those cardigans... Didn't recognize it in such a small format. Smart and cute!

Andi said...

Awesome tutorial M!

cathy said...

What a cute little cardigan! FuFu's robe, how smart you are! Think your little friend in the tree is a squirrel. One of my favorite little animals. They are so cute and love to watch them.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fu Fu's cardigan is adorable! I just worked up a teeny tiny hexagon the other day for the very first time. So little that it would take a ton of them to make anything. :/ We have dust again over here. Ugh! Hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing. I'm off to bed. Goodnite! Tammy