Saturday, April 16, 2011

soggy saturday....part 2

when last I left you
I was planning on sorting and tidying
and I did

I put the music on and I cranked the
yarn winder

and I found an empty box
which in itself is a miracle
and sorted and tidied my little heart out

big sigh

but it kept raining and thundering
and the music kept me going
a mixture of oldies but goodies
Temptations....Bruce.... those hilarious '80's ....
the songs I mouthed  to at school  with two of my friends at some silly party they made us have
by the

:) :) :) :) :)

and Indian chants and sung prayers to the morning
and Peruvian pipes
I like variety!!!

and then I did this
I got the other stash out and started something I've wanted to try for a long time
and now they have the brainless easy-peasy way to do it


by number

I found it in that messy store I told you about
and instead of $7.95
 I paid
couldn't leave it there now could I
not for
I'll show you what I do when I do it
because just about then

the Tornado Warnings went up
Severe Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding too
you know the usual for a Saturday Afternoon
the wind picked up and it thundered a little
and then
the sun came out

and  that's when it came down
in buckets
while the sun was shining

the sky light
  in our room

rivers ran through

sheets of water hit the windows

and the sun kept coming in and out
stranger, weirder, more bizarre by the day


when it died down a bit
I grabbed blue and out we went
down to what is the
used to be a little stream before they built the roads

this is a big drainpipe that carries the run off water to the lake
you can see the rubbish it carried
other people's rubbish

looks like somebody needs to
put their stuff away
three balls
mine, when the water goes down

so that's how my day's been, so far
now it's all quiet calm again

but I found something
to end with
of course I did!!!

the storm is gone now
and so am I


cathy said...

I love reading your blog, always so interesting. We had that bad weather last night. It was raining so hard when I went to bed.
Been cloudy and windy all day, temp only got to 56 and has dropped. Supose to be 70 and sunny tomorrow.

Valeria said...

wow you had some storm there :/ lucky you cause now you have 3 balls to play with or mayme fu fu could play

nice pic´and i love the last one :)
i did some work as well ,some greenhouse work and baking :)

sophie...^5 said...

Gees....start out the day meaningful with your peace in mind and a storm throttles your landscape. I would be so scared. Mother Nature can be so ferocious! I hope you have a peaceful sunny Sunday!

Andi said...

I love the smocking! Your pictures are amazing. Enjoy your new balls! :)

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Storms are getting stronger & fiecer. I dread this year's hurricane season. I always leave home when any head my way & hope for the best when I return. I'm so happy to hear that you & Cathy are okay in your neck of the woods ;'}

Your smocking? How wonderful! :'] I loVe that sort of project, but never tried. I did smock some pillows before (mother taught).

Well...I'm back to my bunting. My hubby brought home another canopy. I need more bunting now.