Saturday, April 30, 2011

princesses and heartbreak

Good morning all
thank you for all the comments about the weather
yesterday and today  it has been calm and cool and back to as it should be

I don't want anyone to think it was as bad here, as it was in the South
while there were tornado's here, they weren't anywhere near those that
caused so much damage and heartbreak
nothing near as bad
but with so many in this area
it makes one wonder about the climate change
that has caused the path of these monsters to change so radically
and the worry about what if something did happen is enough to give one heart burn

I don't know where the money is going to come from
to help put back those communities and towns and cities that were
practically and in some cases, literally,  blown off the face of the earth

seeing how much has been destroyed
how many don't have insurance
 the insurance they have won't cover a 1/10th of what they lost
 the insurance companies that will weasel their way out of paying a penny
because you don't have coverage for exactly precisely what occurred
as in Katrina
the insurance companies argued the fact that either wind or water caused the damage
and if you didn't have written down that one or the other was the cause
you were .... out of luck
sneaky bastards that they are
no reason really to pay them anything anymore
they take your money and just
keep it

I watched the Wedding yesterday
along with 2 billion others!!
I just happened to get up a
6 o'clock and when the TV turned on
Catherine, as we must now call her!!!
was on her way down that tree lined aisle
so pretty to have the trees inside
I enjoyed it all very much
and didn't cry until they sang
that got the tears rolling!!!

I liked her dress
I LOVED the bridesmaids and the pages
the pleats on those tiny creations were just adorable
and the way the little ones were so serious about their "jobs"
I watched the BBC feed on PBS
because our BBC America isn't in HD

and I couldn't stand the over the top
gushing on the Networks here
and the "all knowing insiders"

it was nice to see how many still love a good old British street party
and even though I know there are those who find this all a
big waste of money and time
there really isn't anyone else who can do this sort of thing
like the Brits!!!

I hope they are happy
and that the press leaves them alone
and let's them get on with it
I found it amusing that the
Queen buggered off after lunch
and left the Palace to the
young ones, to do as they wished
I read that Her Majesty left for a
private holiday
"somewhere in Britain"
she probably went to
and put her
feet up
while those at the Palace
had a good old
"knees up"

the shocking comparison to what was going on here
was pretty hard to miss though
The President down in the South with the people who have gone through hell and back
and the stories of the survivours are just
and it's so touching to see them help one another
the great American Spirit
rising in the way a man tells you about how he told his wife to
hang on to me's a'comin' so hang on tight
and she did
and they survived their house being lifted off it's foundation and thrown across the street
and the couple who were lifted off the ground in their car
as he put his arms around the steering wheel and she put her arms around him
and they were lifted 15 ft into the air and dropped onto the ground
and when he tells you how worried he was about "her"
he starts to cry
and it just breaks your heart that anyone has to go through such terror

and a Flickr friend who told us yesterday of being pelted by baseball sized hail
that smashed the windows in her house and took all the leaves off the plants in her garden
and being so very lucky because the tornado that was seen heading straight for them
didn't touch down on top of them

such contrasts in one day
a fairy tale dream on one side
a nightmare on the other