Wednesday, April 6, 2011

another walk in the back 40.....

hello there
all you lovely people
who come by here and leave me little comments


this little walk in the back garden was actually supposed to be a duck shoot
no, not with a gun
but with little blue's lens
trained on the only two ducks I have seen of late
I don't know what's happened to all our ducks
the lake used to be full of them
making big noise and lots of fighting and even one who sounded like it was laughing
but they are no more
and I don't know why
husband suggested that they have gone on to another lake
but this is their home
and has been for many years
so why would they leave now
hope it's just that they are on the small lake across the dam
or around the corner on the little island

so anyway
of course by the time I had grabbed my coffee
and the camera and walked
all the way around the house
(such a long way!!!!)
the two little nincompoops had scarpered
and wouldn't let me
shoot them when I spied them over by the wood pile
we have leaves and flowers to look at
as always
never ending
but it sure is pretty outside
despite the cold cold wind
that only blows when you're about to
click the shutter

there was great excitement in my little heart this a m
as I spied
for the first time in a
 very very very
long time
blooms on the lilac
this bush is ancient
and refuses to bloom
no matter where it's planted
or how I try to make it
there they are
lilac blooms

and another ancient thing
one of the first plants I bought when we moved here
twirling and winding its way up the
hopefully getting ready to
explode with its big purple flowers

and the viburnum
this made me think of quilting or smocking
and if the squirrels don't eat all the new leaves or buds
we may have something in a few weeks

and one of the few left
the sweet grape hyacinths
with their little purple bells opening in the sun
also very old bulbs and the voles must have missed this tiny patch
all the way at the bottom of the garden
(don't you love that phrase...bottom of the garden....sounds so
garden-y!!!! you actually have...a garden)

and at this time of year
my very favourite bush of them all
such an ugly name for such a beautiful bush

look at these teeny tiny
perfectly perfect
rose like
little gems

waving at the sky in the breeze
and look at that sky
not a cloud in it
just bright blue never ending

(if you can ignore the military planes going in circles and getting ever louder and more annoying)

no just look at the sky
and ignore

but don't ignore this little fellow
resting his little yellow head on a stone
in the sun by the steps
where I tried to sit for a second and finish my coffee before it got completely cold

but I couldn't
as I spied the
Jacob's Ladder full of blooms ready to open

and who can ignore
the only lonely single solitary
still here sunning herself
hanging on through snow and wind and rain and storms
she's the first thing I see in the morning as she sits outside our bedroom
and I shall miss her when she's gone
because she sits in the bed where the voles have gone ballistic and eaten it almost to nothing so there won't be very much to replace her

 ( as I type this the planes continue to circle and there is some kind of military machine "thing" that makes a sound that I imagine comes from hell... I have never found anyone to tell me what it is.....but  it's a sound that chills you to the bone....and now the jets are coming in at tree top level and screaming their way to where they drop .........bombs.......real ones....loud ones
real life is never far from this little patch of ground where I take these pictures
and real life comes in the form of war machines and violence and noises from hell)

but let us try to ignore real life
and savour nature
as she once again
brings life and beauty back
 for us to enjoy and revel in
where one tiny pea sized little white flower can almost bring you to tears

 nature is called


  hope you find something to revel in
that just plain makes you happy

I'm off to play with fu

see ya


T's Daily Treasures said...

Such beautiful blue skies! We still have no sun, white skies and dust. :/ I wanted to go out on my bedroom balcony today to water the plants but it is full of dust and needs to be swept first. I guess I will tackle it tomorrow morning. Hope you are having a great day! I tried to teach a friend today to crochet. We laughed more than anything. Best wishes, Tammy

Teresa said...

If the day is gloomy all it takes is come for a stroll on your blog and we feel like we're in the middle of Nature itself... I love your pictures!

NillaK said...

I will experience spring twice. Once through your wonderful pictures and once when it reaches the cold north. I have never realized how late we are up here, since I live in the southern half of Sweden. But your (and others) pictures make me think I live next to the polar bears! :) Won't be having any lilacs in bloom here until late may... Still just have crocus and snowdrops, even though I have seen the tulips making their way up through last year's brown oak leaves.

Jeroge said...

Nillak, Don't worry, you're not alone! Here in Toronto, in the most southern part of Canada, we have absolutely NOTHING! It's so cold and windy, nothing dares pop its head up or show its face! There's still snow in bits and pieces, but not a bud in sight. I was in London, England, 3 weeks ago, and it was as green as green, with all the bulbs in full glorious colour, and the trees in blossom. Oh well.

Valeria said...

oh boy can i come over for a coffee and maby i could bake for us :) then you could take me for a walk and show me all the pretty flowers and trees (i think the ducks are here :)

loads of love

eddunsmore said...

You always share such beautiful photos with us. Beautiful day here today, temp up in the 70's and gorgeous sun!