Saturday, April 16, 2011

soggy saturdays..unruly stashes... and dreams...


as I too often start with...

what do you do when it's
soggy and windy
and stormy

when things like this are already just a sweet


and at 8 o'clock in the morning
it's dark and dismal and your desk is a big mess
and you want to do everything you see so you get it all out
and then have NO ROOM to move


and the stash is all out again and on the floor
and needs sorted
and your blog description has come true
you know
 the old
turning to

and you're so fed up with yourself, you have the guts to actually SHOW it on the old
thinking that if you do you'll feel so ashamed that you'll clean it up
and then post a pic of it all tidied and pretty


and things keep popping into your head
so you leave what needs to be done
and do what you want to do
because you know that no matter how many times you sort and tidy and clean
it all turns pear shaped
in a minute

what do I do

I look at pretty pictures of
what could be
and should be
and wish was
really have this
for more than five minutes


this last one

it hurts

have a great day

and think of me
in the dark and disorder

:) :) :)


allertadele said...

Oh how I wish I could have an organised life like in those pictures, but no my rooms look like a tornado has just run through at the moment!

Valeria said...

rooms like this should have CHAOS cause then you know where things are ,if i try to clean it up i loose all my stuff cause i cant remeber where i put them haha

organiced chaos thats my thing :)

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

I love that last picture too M. I am designing my clean up (chaos) room with new shelves & cabinets, with desk space & bright light coming through the windows. Planning is so easy to's the actual work that hard. I want things in place & a place for every thing!