Monday, April 4, 2011

501 :)

in spite of what the weather people are telling us
about this monster storm that is about to hit the
South East  
East Coast
North East
we are having the most
perfectly beautiful
the flowers and leaf buds
on our trees are beginning to show themselves

the tree that bears the inedible plums
is blooming it's little branches off

for those of you who were here last year and know what I mean
my gentle giant is
budding and will soon be blowin' in the wind

and in a field of wild violets that seem to have sprouted overnight
three amigos sharing the sunshine

violets as far as
blues little lens can see


the trees across the lake are at it again
so pretty year after year....

and the only lonely single solitary daff
just shining in the sun
what a trooper!!

a little patch of moss
and little tiny star flowers
enjoying a beautiful
spring day

someone recently asked me why I take such close up photos
they like them they quickly added
find them enjoyable
but why so close
well, to tell the truth
as I think I have said before
I ain't so good at the big picture type of photo
not knowing anything about
lens and zooms and telelenssss
and such
and I have developed this style of shooting
guess it goes with my personality

although where we live is pretty rural and still woodsy
it isn't so pretty when seen as a whole anymore
what with sub urban development reaching us
and trees being torn down to make room for
silly houses that don't fit the environment and green chemically treated lawns
and others not caring as they should for what they have
and endless lines of cars parked here and there
well, you get my drift

 I'm sure you would rather see this

than this!!!!!!!!

Hope the sun is shining or did shine on you today

thank you for visiting



T's Daily Treasures said...

I was just over here earlier and you've already changed up your header and posted again. :) Looks like a beautiful day in your neck of the woods. And yes, I get your drift. Those trees across the pond are absolutely gorgeous. Nothing but dust, dust and more dust here. So much for the nearly 16 hours of cleaning I did a week and a half ago when we had the monster sandstorm. So are we talking predicted snowstorms or thunderstorms ? We were supposed to get rain but didn't happen. Just dust! About time to hit the hay here. Take care and have a great rest of the day. Tammy

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

What lovely photos & you do such a great job not exposing not so pretty things in them :') That's all I want to see. Something of the earth, not man made rubbish. These are so relaxing & breathable to the eye. Thank you for sharing your beauty around you with us M.

Valeria said...

i love the way you take pic´s ,close ups are a fav of mine so keep up the good close up work

and you sure have the summer there already ,here its still rain and im still waiting for the yellow thing to burst out and scream at me .... helloooo im here its summer but i guess i will have to wait a litle longer

NillaK said...

So pretty pictures! It's still very brown here, just some liiittle green here and there. But it's coming! And I don't want it to move too fast, want to be able to take it all in and enjoy the change!

Allyson said...

I love close up pics! They're my favourite kind. And yours are always beautiful

Madhu said...

I love the way to take us through your day! I am enjoying your spring as you know we don't have the four seasons here :-( Totally LOVE those last two shots too!!! :-)