Monday, April 25, 2011

the day after...

are you all still on a high from all the sugar you consumed yesterday
does the sight of one more chocolate
make you a little

I don't over consume
I don't have a very sweet tooth
thank goodness
because if I did
I would be in trouble
I love,
love  love
to cook and
but I don't like to eat it...
just a bite or two is enough for me
Easter is fun to decorate for
and bake for
but the overabundance of sweet
is too much

when my first born was about 2/3 years old
he managed to eat the whole contents of his basket
when I put him to bed that night
and not to be too gross or disgusting
he lay down and straight away got back up
"leaked" chocolate
all down the front of his pajamas
and the look in his eye is what I remember
just complete surprise and horror
as I cleaned him up and told him he'd be OK
he confessed that he had eaten all the wrapped eggs and put the wrappings back in the basket
he doesn't eat very many sweet things anymore
and I still can't get over how sneaky he was

it was very hot and a bit humid yesterday
for those that had plans for outdoor activities
it must have been perfect
but as the afternoon wore on
the storms started popping up again
and we had a couple dump buckets on us
lots of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder
but nothing too bad

so this morning it's all wet and sparkly outside
with raindrops on everything

and this wasn't there yesterday
I swear it wasn't because
 I was there
with the camera's lens stuck up close and personal
just inches away

if one had the time and patience
you could see the plants grow at this time of the year
this is an iris
if we're lucky it might be a black one
but I doubt it
as I have said many many times before
the voles have demolished my plants
and this is the only iris that has a flower on it
I managed to save three other plants in the other bed
but survive is all they are doing
so we'll have to watch this one
and hope it makes it
and if it isn't the black one
we'll enjoy it anyway
because it's all we're getting

one single beam of early morning sunlight
on the moss that is spreading like
moss on bricks

the fern all unfurled and fresh and new
love it!!

and the hostas round the old stump
fully open and enjoying the view

I just love the colour of periwinkle
and the name too
would love to paint a room in this colour
or have some
"fine Dalton china with hand painted periwinkles"
the "bucket" woman in
"keeping up appearances"


and now I have to confess something
I am completely
in love
with little tiny
knitted creatures
I can't stop

and I'm not going to