Friday, April 22, 2011

another week's end

where do the weeks go
is time moving faster
or am I so old now
it just seems to whizz by
don't answer that!!!
I haven't posted for two days
not sure why
Yesterday we went outside and did a little gardening
husband mowed the beautiful field of flowers

which makes me very sad
but it has to be done at some point
and after last year's wild meadow
he wants to catch it before it gets too much again
I picked up all the sticks and limbs and branches that had fallen because of all the storms and high winds
and pulled those ..... weeds called
ENGLISH daisies that spread like the dickens and drive me crazy
and they share their pollen freely too
but it's all done now
until the next itme
and as always
I'm the one that has the
encounter with a

it was in a patch of long grass and violets and thank goodness I saw it before I plunged my hand in and touched it
I did what I always do
shiver from head to toe
yell for the husband
who can't hear me because he has the mower
and run
which is a sight to behold in itself
and yell
there's a snake
a snake
shut it off and you'll hear me
and he does what he always does
tells me to take care of it
and then asks what kind of snake it is

this one was dead
don't know why
so he picked it up with a shovel and threw it in the lake
another thing we always do
feed the lake
and no I didn't run inside and grab the camera
to take a picture

I have also been busy over on the other blog
trying to bring it all together
and finish the first installment
my partner in this little venture
has also been busy inbetween living her real life
so I hope you go and visit her part too
there are links on the side to her part

I can't tell you how much fun it's been
and I think I will continue it for awhile
making little tiny things is for me
even if I give myself a headache and eyestrain
but it's inventive and creative
I like it!!!
I'm using all the things I've learnt this past year
and it's so nice to know how to do things the proper way

this little fellow has a dirty face because it keeps raining
and the temperature can't make up its mind
80's one day
50's the next
beautiful blue skies one day
grey overcast gloom the next
today it is the latter

but the rain is good for the plants
they are popping up all over
and this years' crop of
looks good!!!!
well, have to get to making dinner
so I'll wish you a good
and I'll see ya
on the morrow

take care folks
and thanks for stopping by



Valeria said...

oh lovely days :) im just enjoying these days so much ,i dont think ive had easter like this ,warm and sunny

keep making the tiny things i like them and when you find someting you think is fun you should always tickle that fun so dont stop

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, Yikes! I haven't been over here in a while but just got all caught up. I don't know where the time goes but those 5 days of no internet over here really threw me off. :/ Time does fly! Hope the weather is better where you are. Our sun is trying to peek through today but the skies are still white which means dust is high in the sky. My plants are so dusty and dirty. Organizing is on my list of things to do but low on the list of things that get done. It takes creating a bigger mess to get it all in order and then time really does slip away. A never ending battle. Take care and have a great weekend. Tammy