Thursday, April 14, 2011

an eyefull

how can one not be happy
and be "filled up"
when this is what you see
first thing in the morning

Jacob's Ladder outside my room

a field full of violets
in the early morning sunshine

breakfast by the lake


in the


my gentle giant

giving me bouquets of gold

happy day to you all



Anonymous said...

Pity there's no 'Favourites' button on Blogger. When I see your photos I keep looking for it!
Happy day to you too!
Mia S

Valeria said...

oh its so pretty and look at that litle guy on the rock sooo cute :))

NillaK said...

Love the field of violets. Love fields of any flower I guess! :) And the dogwood is so pretty. But what's with the ugly name?

Teresa said...

Violets are some of my favorite flowers :) along with forget-me-nots and hydrangeas...
Gotta love that little squirrel! :)))

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

How peaceful it all looks. I love seeing your flowers of nature. So beautiful. Thanks for showing off your surroundings.