Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You Canada.....

In this house
that is what we say
when the wind changes
the breeze is cool
and crisp.
This is what I found
when I took
some mail to the box this morning.
A sky so blue
it's indescribable
the air
cool and fresh
blowing from the North.
The only thing that would put me over the would be if it had rained last night.
But you can't have everything  so fresh air
blue sky is enough for now.
I can water
to my hearts content
refresh the poor plants
and that is what I will do.
I took some photos....
I hear you say,
NO, you didn't
YOU take PHOTOS...
how can that be!!!!
the Queen Anne's Lace is up
well just a couple someone mowed the others down
across the road
and that pisses me off
but I have one over here in the ditch so I took her
It being windy,it was quite hard to take
but fuzzy kinda goes with lace !!!

1 comment:

MDScaper said...

Yes, thank you Canada for the refreshing air. A little late (it would have been nice on Sunday when I was doing a 100 mile bicycle ride!) but better late than never!