Wednesday, June 2, 2010


How is everyone?
Are you having a good day?
I hope so...
It's a kind of so-so day
with me.
My back is killing me
too much sitting and hooking I guess.
I have almost finished all my wips,
which is a wierd
I have the wiggle wiggle rug almost done.
I put it down weeks ago
on the back of the sofa!!
and completely forgot about it.
So I will have to keep the wiggles
until they are all
wiggled out.
We had a family meeting about how to finish it
and the vote for white
was cast
and approved.
We do things like that in this family...
everyone's opinion is asked for
then the dicision is made,
be it about
important things
like how to finish a
wiggle rug.!!!!
but sometimes
others opinions
don't matter
and we do as we like.
Guess which is the norm?
Anyway, you can see by this
there isn't much on my mind
so I'll leave you with a couple of photos
from yesterday and today
and wish you a good afternoon
good evening
and good night.

the pop up yesterday
lots of humidity
gutter washer...

and then today
the first day lily
isn't she a beauty?

and the hairy flower too.
a sun flower in the shade!

and the hosta is budding.
I'm off to feed the mouth
attached to this...
her opinion is always
called for!!!!


Andi said...

Love the pics! Looking forward the the wiggle unveiling. :)

Frualbertsson said...

To ask for opinions about everything is the absolute best way to do things I think. I always ask my husband what he wants for dinner, and his answer is always... I don´t know
But I still ask him, one day he might have an answer :-)

Love the pictures of the flower, especially the one in your header!

By the way, whats the name of your cute cat?

Have a nice day,