Sunday, June 20, 2010

sunday Sunday

Today is Father's Day here in the States.
Other than saying
Happy Fathers Day
to him, we don't do much about it!!
Of course
when the
were little
we did.
And now that one of the
is a father
we wish him a happy one too!
As the hubs says
it's just another
way to get you to spend money.
He says that a lot
about a lot
of things!!!!
He's like that.
Actually, so am I.
This morning I woke up before 6.
At 6.30
I could hear boys voices ouside
coming from the lake.
There were about 6 of them in the water
out in the middle.
The neighbours
two doors down
have a tent pitched in the back yard
so I guess they went to have a dip
after a wild
hot sticky night!!
They are at the stage
of voice change.
That wonderful
totally embarassing
never know how it's going to sound
deep or
squeeeekkkkyyy!! stage.
One of them must have sneezed
a dozen times.
on the 12th
one of the others
bla bla
wot's with you dude???
I thought I would wet myself (sorry)
I was laughing so hard.
Those are some of the
fondest memories I have of
having kids.
I'd be in the house somewhere
and the door would open
the gang of
boys would flood the house all yelling
the bikes all thrown outside the front door
they'd go in the bedroom
you'd hear the chatter, all of them talking together
and then they'd ask for a drink
or a cookie
say where they were going next
and all retreat
When we first moved here
they could wander around the neighbourhood
under the watch of us all
in various parts of the
All of us watching out for them all.
And there were no qualms about
correcting behavour.
And they all knew it,
but boys will be boys.
Never anything
of any consequence
but they knew we'd find out
and it kept them on the straight and narrow
so to speak.
The days spent down on the beach by the lake
watching them grow and mature
seeing them play like puppies
discovering the neighbourhood
Putting up with the chaos
which is boys...
who are now all grown men
but remember those days
as my oldest told me
on his last visit here.
Carefree days
on the bikes
roaming the neighbourhood
never having a
care in the world.
The good
Hope you are having a carefree day today...


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