Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lots of flickr-ing today!!!

The banter on Flickr today was flowing....
it's still mindboggling
to be able to talk to someone
who is thousands of miles away....
with very little time lapse. 
I know,
we have things called 'PHONES,
but I wasn't ON the 'phone,
I was on a photo loading site
that has turned into a
chat room!!!
I even managed to almost insult someone.
but not quite!!!
Thank goodness for
BING translator
I apologised in her native tongue,
that's amazing too!
Thank goodness she is a sweet person and gets my humour!!!
So, after the bread and the coffee
and the
clean sheets
and the other boring things
I finished a little

I have had the book for maybe two years now
and never attempted to make the block that made me buy it.
I saw someone else mention it on her blog and it reminded me that I had it
THREE days ago
or maybe four
I started it.
I ripped it about five times
and then finally
got the pattern in my head
and there it is!!
There are 25 blocks in all
16 smaller joining ones...
I'm not sure
I will ever make the whole blanket.
Plus I don't know how practical it would be
it has lots of "open space"
maybe that's why they show it hanging off an old barn door
in the book!!!!
I also decided that the
Japanese charts are so much easier to "read"
than a bunch of words that run on forever
and then go over to the next page!!!
Funny, how quickly we learn things
and un-learn others.
Well, I better go and get some dinner on the table...
....... later
Take care....
I'll post the other motif when I'm done.....maybe!!!


Frualbertsson said...

Wow this is gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!
It´s beautiful on it´s own.

(I have done as you did, I have started to crochet african flowers in all white! It´s sooo nice!)

You where never even close to offending me, I think you have a wonderful sense of humor! :-)


Maria said...

The crochet is amazing, looks very intricate