Thursday, June 17, 2010


A little different today.
While browsing through flickr the other day
I came across a contacts page that had a friends
piece of porcelain
which had been embossed.
It reminded me of the clay I used to play with.
Just polymer clay
not the real thing!
It prompted me to do this
with a piece of embroidery I did a long while ago.
I poked a few more holes into it
with my yarn needle
and it looks like this now.
I like it!!
I got my bird ornaments out the other day
and sprinkled them around the house!!
My snowy owl has a bee on his head!
They co-exist together under the
faux sea view
on the wall
in the
Someone on Flickr said
she loves that name.
I try to get people to use my real name
but they don't.
Mummy's little angel
wondering if she is able to climb in
and take a nap.
I said no,
she'd fall off and hurt herself
the box is teetering on the
trash basket

she sulked for a good ten minutes
and then went to her
napped there.
Much safer.
to be on the floor.

I made this last night
because I saw one like it
had to have one!
So now I do!!!
It's reminds me of coral and turquoise
Next time I go to the craft store
I'll have to see if they have some beads like this.
Maybe I already have some
will have to look. 

I like this photo.
I like the colours.

We didn't get any rain
The flowers were happy.

Have to go
check on the sauce
that is bubbling on the stove.
don't want to burn dinner


Anonymous said...

Must be mental telepathy - I was going to comment yesterday that I hope you start seeing bees - a good sign, since they seem to be in decline and pose a danger to our food production. We can't let that happen!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your clay starfish is so pretty. Great idea! Glad to hear you had two days free from rains. It is hot, humid and dusty here. We get to the States on the 27th and can't wait. Although not looking forward to the long flight. oh well! I'll have crochet projects to keep me busy. Best wishes for the weekend, Tammy

madhu said...

Love your blog!!