Sunday, June 6, 2010

And then....and then...

so, do you believe that sometimes things happen for a reason?
Well, we were going to go out and get a few things
but didn't.
The car has something wrong with it.
It's shaking
feels like it's going to quit.
(sighs deeply with eyes closed)
so we didn't go
just pretended that nothing happened.
I suddenly heard
a great crack of thunder
my immediate reaction
is to shut down the
turn off the lights.
When I went to check the weather station
on the
I saw this...

the red is a tornado warning


Here we go again...

that isn't fog
it's the rain
coming in sheets
like living in the frigging jungle

then they did this
sure sign that something is there
winds in
winds out
anyway to stop the dramatics
just east of us
was sighted
not confirmed yet
but it was
exactly where we would have been
had the car
not buggered up.
Further east
there were 60-70mph winds
ping pong sized hail.
OH and we don't live in tornado country

and now it looks like this



Svana ValerĂ­a said...

oh my its poring rain there !! does it get really bad there ?
just stay in and do some wonderful crocheting :) then you have some more beautiful stuff to show us
,stay safe

Content in a Cottage said...

Marilyn... We got the same warning here and I turned off the computer and did all the things one has to do to get ready and we just got a 5minute rain that was in and out. But it brought such great mountain air with it. I'm loving this cool weather. Sorry you got blasted.