Tuesday, June 29, 2010


how do we come up with the blog posts that are posted,
those of you who don't blog
one wakes up,
doesn't think about it.
Then one sits down and checks the old blog out
to see if anything happened overnight.
because you know,
the world keeps spinning while we sleep.
Yes it really does.....
Most mornings there is a comment or two
or not,
and you go about your day
and then something will
catch your eye
or your ear
or your nose
you are looking and listening
and .....?? smelling ???
and this will happen.....

You get a whiff of the freshly baked bread.....

and you make yourself a fresh cuppa java
complete with fresh  froth.....
say that a couple of times!!!

(don't you love that sugar bowl....
I do)

and you notice the sun
on the freshly changed bed
you realise
you have a post!!!!!
You don't need to show all the mundane housey related things
but a few can be ok.
wasn't that easy?
Interesting, ?
not so much,
but easy?
then you can
put on your
Ruby Red Slippers
with the new
inserts that you made the other day
go on with your day.

just heard on the local weather report that if it reaches 90F today
and it will
that will be 18 days in June that the temperature has reached 90 or above
and that will break all the records,
since they have been keeping records,
and around here they started in the 1800's.
What is it going to be like in July and August
I wonder?
The flowers need a break
they look very unhappy and wilted
in the noon day sun and heat
poor little things.
no fresh-ness out there.

Stay fresh mes amies
until the next time!!!!



Frualbertsson said...

How do you manage to change your header every singel day??? And every day it´s getting more beautiful! .... the bread looks delicious!


Marilyn said...

I just go to the gadgets page and change the photo in the header.....it's easy to do, so I do it!!!! :)